Emerald Garden City Ibeju Lekki Phase 1

It is serene, mostly on theĀ upland and not water-logged.

close to the Lekki Free Trade Zone directly by the express and adjacent to La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort

Sq. metres Outright Purchase (N) 3 months (N) 6 months (N) 12 months (N)
300 sqm N1,900,000 N1,950,000 N1,200,000 N2,100,000
400 sqm N2,600,000 N2,650,000 N2,700,000 N2,800,000
500 sqm N3,200,000 N3,250,000 N3,300,000 N3,400,000
600sqm N3,850,000 N3,900,000 N4,000,000 N4,100,000